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HieBAR / Beanius llc

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Your HieBAR Media Platform Package Includes:

- ONE HieBAR Media Easel (9.25" length x 9.00" width x 2.50" depth of .08" Thick Powder Coated Aluminum)
- ONE HieBAR Bracket-Stand (11.50" length x 7.50" width x 3.50" height of .12" Thick Stainless Steel)
- TWO 11" HieBAR Anodized Aluminum Undercabinet Tracks (.50" high, 4.00" wide, 9.00" sliding range) with Sliding Anchor Posts
- Hardware pack including all necessary parts needed for installation



All you need to install the undercabinet track is a drill, drill bit, driver bit, ruler and pencil.


Cabinet Requirements:

HieBAR will work on virtually all "frameless" (i.e., flat bottom) cabinets and the vast majority "face frame" (i.e., recessed bottom) cabinets. For the recommended installation you will need:

• Cabinet depth of 9 inches or more for “face frame” cabinets; 5 inches or more for “frameless cabinets”
• Cabinet width of 11 inches or more (note: track can be cut down to 5 inches)
• Strong, continuous (i.e., unobstructed), undercabinet mounting surface of at least 5 inches deep x 11 inches wide
• Can be mounted adjacent to forward- or back-set undercabinet lighting (or puck lighting) up to 1/2 inch high. Clearance pack available to clear undercabinet lighting between 1/2 and 1 inch high.

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