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HieBAR® fundamentally changes the way you engage your tablets AND cookbooks in the kitchen.  Rather than being a plastic novelty gadget, a clip-in/clip-out tablet mount, or a kitchen book stand that only adds to counter-top clutter; HieBAR is premium quality, all-metal cabinet hardware; flexible, modular and durable, designed to become an essential hard asset in your kitchen.  HieBAR converts easily from counter-top to undercabinet mode so it can move and deploy among multiple cabinets and worksurfaces.  And rather than all that annoying snapping and unsnapping going from tablet cover to tablet mount and back -- The HieBAR easel lets you PARK your media where you need it and "grab it and go" when you are ready to move on.


The HieBAR Kitchen Media Platform…

  • is a design object meticulously crafted of high quality, heavy gauge, laser-cut stainless steel and powder coated aluminum (heatproof, easy to clean, and made to last). 
  • easily converts from countertop to undercabinet configuration. 
  • fully adjustable (hieght/tilt/swivel/lateral) to ensure flexible, safe, ergonomic access to both books and/or tablet computers (with or without their covers/cases). 
  • provides a means to access media using little or no precious counter space (especially useful for those in smaller/urban kitchens).  
  • installs easily and folds up, back or removes when not in use.
  • works with virtually all undercabinet lighting
  • comes with TWO standard 11 inch tracks. Custom lengths avaible.
  • works in countertop mode “right out of the box” and can be moved around your work area "fully loaded" with a large book with just one hand. (see Demo Video 0:40/2:24)
  • is designed in Brooklyn and manufactured ethically in the USA (Poughkeepsie, New York).      
  • can be manufactured in quantity with a wide variety of colors, styles and logos or using (Brooklyn) artisan woodworkers to supply easel surfaces.
  • has broad patents issued and pending (domestic and international) and is absolutely unique and outstanding in the marketplace. 


With all the focus on “connected” homes and kitchens, the “internet of things” and having appliances that “talk to each other”...

       ...shouldn’t there be a good place in the kitchen where we humans can join the conversation? 

HieBAR® – the modern kitchen has arrived!

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Comparison Shopping


We say the HieBAR Media Platform represents a fundamentally different, “architectural hardware” approach to media parking and access in the kitchen.  To help illustrate that point we evaluate below what we think are the BEST of HieBAR’s perceived undercabinet competitors.  We invite you to compare these products with the HieBAR features listed above. 


These other recommended kitchen media access solutions break down into two major categories:
1) Tablet Mounts that require un/snapping and/or clamping and
2) Undercabinet Pull Down Book Easels that don't move or adjust. 
We’ve tested many examples of these and would wholeheartedly recommend the two examples below if they meet your needs.


1) Tablet mount -- iKross 2-in-1 Kitchen Tablet mount stand Surface/dp/B01AGYIAZ6/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8


PROS: The only tablet mount we could find that converts from counter-top to wall to

undercabinet modes.  Adjustable tilt, height and swivel.  Nice looking with tablet

mounted on it.  Good stability.  Removeable and movable (includes two undercabinet/wall mounts). 

Can be taken down and cleaned. 


CONS: Does not hold books.  Requires unsnapping of tablets from covers/cases then clamping into mounts; reverse the process when leaving the kitchen with your tablet.  Not so attractive (“gadgety” looking) with no tablet mounted in it.  Made overseas.  Some mixed reviews on durability — a few users reported “drooping” of hinges.  Our unit worked fine, was stable and did not droop.  No lateral (side-to-side) adjustment.  Will most-likey interfere with “non-puck” undercabinet lighting. 


Summary:  This may be a good option for you if you don’t plan on using cookbooks, have a tablet that you can dedicate to the kitchen and have little or no undercabinet lighting.  (It works well with “puck” lighting.) If you don’t prefer a USA-made product, it seems reasonably durable and may last several years or longer. 


Others in this category:  There are other “cabinet clamp-on” and permanently installable undercabinet solutions.  None were countertop-convertible and most had very limited adjustability.  As above, none handled cookbooks and required unsnapping from covers/cases then clamping into mounts. 



2) Undercabinet (dual bracket) pull-down book easels - Ultimate Kitchen Storage Undercabinet


PROS: “Parks” tablets with covers/cases with no mounting or snapping-in

or out.  Made in the USA in several wood tones to match cabinets. 

Nice traditional look.  Quality construction.  VERY stable. 

Holds large/heavy books.  Assuming mounting on the right sized cabinet, installation is easy. 

(Requires 19-inch width and 9-inch depth of essentially clear cabinet bottom.)  Comes with a battery operated light.  Looks nice folded up.  (Most others in this category do not.) 


CONS: Not adjustable, undercab-to-countertop convertible, or movable.  Has basically two positions: open and closed.  We find the open position set a bit farther back than ideal.  Will most-likely interfere with undercabinet lighting although thin LED lighting may be okay.  Books that open wider than 17 inches will not fit on easel.  Can’t be taken down and cleaned. 


Summary:  This may be a good option for you if you have one cabinet (19” wide min.) under which you want to easily and stably park your tablets and cookbooks, if you have little or no undercabinet lighting on that cabinet, and if you do not want/need much viewing and access adjustability.  It is nicely crafted in the USA of solid wood and will last a long time.


Others in this category: Most of the other offerings in this “dual bracket” undercabinet category use spring-loaded brackets which are more difficult to install and require the use of a template.  The brackets are also not attractive if in plain sight (as on a face frame cabinet) and are designed mostly for recessed bottom cabinets.  



What is difficult to objectively evaluate and convey is the esthetic appeal of these units versus our own. 
We designed and crafted HieBAR to become a beautiful and integral part of your kitchen; a statement about commitment and quality, not an afterthought or add-on.  We believe the HieBAR Media Platform is something you will take with you to all of your future kitchens.  We hope you find our product philosophy compelling.